Never again should a great company
fail because of a lack of sales

We are the #1 sales as a service platform for businesses.

Sales Team on Demand

We provide companies a scalable sales team on demand. You can manage your entire sales force via the cloud and get analytics and metrics in real-time. We have the best sales reps and have a powerful operational process to onboarding any type of products and platforms and scaling their revenue quickly.

Sales Consulting

Have our Senior Sales Managers help your internal sales team improve their performance through our consulting services. Mango will work with your sales team to identify target market, optimize sales workflow, edit scripts and email correspondence, develop and drill core sales tactics and strategies to increase the productivity of your own team and grow your business dramatically.

MangoLeads Platform

MangoLeads is sales lead generation redefined. MangoLeads was born in Mango Sales lab after our sales people became frustrated with the inefficiencies of existing lead generation providers. We designed MangoLeads with the goal of making sales people as efficient as possible and drive real growth for businesses.

Benefits of Working with MangoSales

  1. Time: As the #1 sales as a service provider and sales consultant for companies, our experience and track record of success through traditional and non-traditional sales tactics has created a competitive advantage when it comes to exploring and executing sales campaigns quickly
  2. Data: With MangoSales we have the ability to generate crucial metrics & data to define and perfect a predictable and scalable sales campaign for your product
  3. Growth: We offer a hassle-free way to execute and scale your sales process and fuel your company's growth

How it works

  1. Your company is selling to the B2B market and you want to define a scalable sales process and grow revenue
  2. You create an account with Mango and kick off a pilot campaign or a consulting arrangement
  3. We explore all potential sales models for your product and define a predictable and scalable sales process
  4. We execute your sales strategy and fuel your revenue growth

It’s a scalable way to build and manage your sales force on demand.

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Kickstart your sales with our sales team on demand

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