What makes a good salesperson?

Upcqynx87nv5hvm4p7jy By Jake Hall
Have you heard of the saying that a great salesman is born, not made? Well, that’s not entirely true. There are, of course, naturals, and if you are one of them, no need to keep reading this. But, most of us don’t just give up on something because we’re not a "born talent". If you are determined to learn how to be a great salesman, there is a way, and there are things that all of us can learn.
You can use the advice below to teach yourself how to be the best possible salesperson. Take a look at our list of the things that will make all the difference in your success – and all of them are "learnable".

Take charge
A great salesperson isn’t one that only listens and does what he’s told. You need to learn how to take initiative and be a real go-getter. Take matters into your own hands and you’ll see how quickly things start to work out for you. Learn to do whatever it takes to make the sale, discipline yourself and work on your charm – it will take you a long way.

Be persistent
As a salesman, the first thing you need to learn is how to take a "no" from a customer. Because, trust us, it’s going to happen (much) more often than you’d like it to. But you also need to learn when not to take a “no” for an answer. Have boundaries, of course – no need to stalk anyone – but giving it one more go may be all it takes to succeed.

Try a different approach
This one goes hand in hand with being persistent. When you hear that disgusting word “no”, pushing harder is usually just going to drive the person further away from you. Trying a different approach is what you need to learn – be creative and think outside of the box. This may take some practice as well – ask your friends and family to help out and soon you’ll be an expert.

Be friendly and empathetic
... even when you don’t feel like it. A great salesman knows that a smile and a kind word can take you a long way. If you’re not that kind of person... well, learn to be. You need to learn to love people and make it show. Know how to relate to your customer and when it’s time to listen instead of talking. Make them feel that you support them and will help them make the right decision.

This isn’t specific to sales only – when you love what you do, you are good at it. This should go without saying: if you hate your job, go get a new one. When it comes to this specific line of work, it is also important to understand and support the brand message and the products you are trying to sell. If you actually think you’re selling a piece of garbage, it’s going to be difficult to persuade someone they need and want it.

Be willing to learn
If you want to be good at something, you need to always keep learning. Never think that you are too good to be coached. Learn how to take criticism without taking it personally – and know that even mean comments can be used to your benefit. Learn how to make most of every suggestion, especially from the ones more experienced than you. That way, you’ll always keep progressing.

Believe in yourself (maybe even too much)
Confidence shines through and makes people believe you (even if they shouldn’t). If you add a bit of arrogance in the mix, you have the right combination. Be careful, though, about getting too self-assured, because that may have the opposite effect. So, show that you know what you want and how to get it, but also be respectful. Speaking of which...

Be respectful at all times
All the other traits will go down the drain if you don’t follow this sacred rule: Always, at all times, you must respect your customers. Most of all, respect their time and their schedules. Never, ever be late or make them be late. Learn how to persuade respectfully, but also learn when to stop. And, one more thing: make sure to demand respect as well. "The customer is always right" only works if they treat you the same way you treat them. Otherwise, you’ll never succeed.

As you can see, all the things above are something you can learn. Devote yourself to becoming great at what you do, and soon no customer will be able to resist your skills. Always keep practicing, and always strive to be even better, learn from the ones more experienced, be passionate and confident (with a touch of arrogance), and above all – respectful. You can do it!

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