How to keep your customers coming back

Q0uggjzszrhrqlkhy0hx By Dayna Faulkner
It’s common knowledge that retaining old customers costs less money than bringing new ones. Regular customers are crucial for successful business, and development of the company brand. They present a solid ground for all the future investments and plans. They’re essential if you want to build long term business with steady growth and stable income.

People are coming back with a reason, and our job is to make them happy to keep that reason alive. That’s why we have to stick to some rules.

People like to see a smile, it’s contagious. It brings positive thoughts and we feel more relaxed. It is in human nature to be attracted to that, and exposure to these kinds of sensations stays in our brain, so the more smiling there is, the bigger chance is that people will come back again.

Ask for feedback
One of the important lessons in life, and business as a part of it, is to listen. Listen to what customers have to say. Find out what are the complaints and try to fix them. There is no better customer than a happy one. Don’t hesitate; ask them for an opinion, what troubled them, or irritated them. Be detailed and take care of the problems they faced.

Be flexible
Don’t be strict about rules. If their situation doesn’t allow your customers do everything by the book, help them resolve the issues. Make it possible if you can.

Train your employees
It can be very irritating when you’re a customer and the seller can’t help you the right way because he’s not fully prepared and trained for the position. That is a way to create a disaster; many jobs have been closed because of such policies. Teach them and give them a positive attitude, encourage them to engage, and only after that “throw them into fire”.

Be responsible
Stand behind your work. Admit that you made a mistake, or that a problem that occurred is because of you. Customers like companies which accept responsibility for wrong doings, failures or other unexpected issues that are their fault.

Make the impossible happen
Who doesn’t like a miracle? What is a better advertisement for your brand than doing so, doing miracles? Individuals, who care about people’s needs, in this case, customer’s needs, are a fundamental part of a good customer service. Breaking down walls, and doing things that looked impossible will grasp every person. Knowing that everything that could be done for them, and much more, will be done, will make every person come back.

Make the customer’s expectations realistic
Don’t promise what you can’t deliver. Be realistic about what you’re offering. If you can’t do it until tomorrow, then don’t say you will. Smaller expectations at the beginning will make the customer more satisfied at the end.

Bad customer service can ruin a business. Unsatisfied customers are not coming back, the satisfied ones do. Because of that, do all you can in that area. Make sure that employees treat customers with respect, the way they would like to be treated. Happy people are coming back, and happy employees are the ones that attract both the old customers and the new ones.
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